Some swing with the KKC Orchestra tonight at La Dynamo! – Fravimal

KKC Orchestra - La Dynamo - FravimalKKC Orchestra are a band of 4, originally from the Lot who started off jamming together in their living room to now having done the round of France and bits of Europe over the past three years.

They have found a very interesting and fresh mix between, electro-swing, hip-hop and breaks..hmm fravimal I hear you say, well you’d be right. These folks will be banging it out tonight alongside Tioneb and Be Bop Swing at one of our favourite stages, La Dynamo.

Starting at 20h00(ish), 13€ at the door, a little steep I know but who can put a price on fravimal 😉


Festival Cultures Bar Bar – Fravimal

Cette semaine, on a le festival Cultures Bar-Bars, jeudi le 22 – dimanche le 25 novembre – une vingtaine de nos bar préférés nous offrent des concerts et spectacles – The Dispensary, le Larsen Lupin, Connexion Cafe, le Breughal, le Champagne… pour la reste voir le programme et amusez-vous bien!

Pour des autres sorties 

Nouveau Beaujolais – tradition de fravaimal


Welcome the new beaujolais tonight!…  festivities all around town… Enjoy some fravimal!



The Dispensary (Death Star Canteen!) for some certain fravimal


The dispensary for a pint, some seriously tasty grub… giving some great tunes with a twist….bring it!

(16) The Dispensary (Death Star Canteen!).


Le Killarney avec vos fravimalites

Great Irish pub in Palais de Justice, chatty smiling staff – check, good pints – check, regular concerts, darts boards, weekly pub quizz, TV’ for sporting events, check, check and check!

Can’ ask for more then that, get yo-selves down there!

Check out the Killarney for some fravimal!

Le blog du Killarney.


At De Danú you are sure to find some fellow fravimalites!

Find a great night, fravimal atmosphere and some serious burgers!
Trouvez un soirée genial et peut-être quelque camarades et fravimalites

À propos | De Danú.


Toulouse t’a donné fravimalitis ce week-end?

Been somewhere cool this weekend in Toulouse? Cool bar, good resto, heard a great new band. Share it all here. If something made you fravimal….SHARE IT! =)

Etiez-vous quelque part chouette ce week-end? …trouver un bar super… un resto qui t’a fait bavé…écoutez un group mortel…..partage out ici! S’il y a qql chose qui te fait fravimal…PARTAGE-LE! =)