The Dandy Warhols – Fravimal

The Dandy Warhols - Fravimal

The Dandy Warhols – Fravimal

The Dandy Warhols. Remember these guys? well 18 years later and they’re still banging out the fravimal tunes. Mostly known for the hit « Bohemian like you », they have released 8 studio albums. And now here they are in Toulouse, at the Bikini on the back of their most recent album, ‘The Machine’ released in april of this year, considered to be more minimal, back to earthy pure sounds compared to their previous work. If this tickles your fravimal fancy, get yo-selves down to the bikini this evening for 20h30.

Prices ranging from 24.50 – 27 squids

Support act: The Blue Angel Lounge


Mmm – fravimal Rodrigo & Gabriela

Rodrigo & Gabriela, a brother and sister  from Mexico who were discovered busking on the streets of Dublin where they have a cult following. Ridiculously talented guitarists, as soon as they begin, they whisk you away into another world.

Playing in the Zenith this Wednesday the 21st @ 20h30. I know I’ve said things are not to be missed before but this would be crime to miss!

Tickets 35€ from bluecitron . Be there or kindly be square!

Si vous aimez ca, vous pourriez aimer ci

Puppetmastaz au Bikini – Fravimal!!

The puppet Hip-hop group grace the stage of our Bikini next week bringing their own flavour of alternative rap – For those in the life long search of fravimal, this is one not to be missed!

La groupe des marionnettes d’hip-hop se présente à la scène du bikini la semaine prochaine avec leur propre style de rap alternative, fait maison! –  Pour ceux qui cherche leur quotidienne du fravimal, ne le loupez pas!

Mercredi 14 November au Bikini, 18,50€ – 20€ / 21€ sur place